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SEO for Economic Development – Are People Finding you on Google?

By Guillermo Mazier |  Jun 18, 2014

A Beginners Guide to SEO: A creative website with lots of information, images and links is only successful if the target audience visits the site. Sea...

Is Having the Super Bowl in Your Community Good For Econ Dev?

By Guillermo Mazier |  Jun 10, 2014

This year the twin cities were awarded the super bowl bid in 2018 and many are speculating that it will be very grand. However the question must be po...

The Atlas Search Story Through the Eyes of Google

By Guillermo Mazier |  Jun 02, 2014

Atlas Loves Google Ever wonder what people see when they look to find your organization on google? Check out this video that we made a couple of years...

Atlas Webinar: Best Practices in Economic Development Websites

By Guillermo Mazier |  Apr 09, 2014

90% Percent of the Site Selection Process Starts Online. Is Your Website ready to generate results? For the last 12 years, Atlas has built or reviewed...

An Economic Development Challenge:

By Guillermo Mazier |  Mar 05, 2014

Recruiting and Filling Manufacturing Jobs Manufacturing has changed. What used to work fifteen, ten even five years ago doesn’t work in today’s compet...

A New Guide To Keeping and Attracting Entrepreneurs To Your City

By Guillermo Mazier |  Feb 19, 2014

On February 2, 2014 Endeavor Insight published a report: “What do the Best Entrepreneurs Want In A City? Lessons from the Founder’s of America’s Faste...

Introducing Our New Community Marketing Blog

By Guillermo Mazier |  Jan 27, 2014


How sea salt caramels have helped bring jobs to Jacksonville, FL

By Guillermo Mazier |  Jan 03, 2014

Differentiation and Sea Salt Caramels: How the sweet treat has helped bring jobs to Jacksonville, FL  

Greater Rhode Island Rolls out New Website; Praises Atlas InSite Too

By Guillermo Mazier |  Dec 13, 2013

Yesterday, Atlas Advertising CEO Ben Wright led an informative webinar on the new Atlas InSite features, including:

8 Marketing Tips to Get Your Community Noticed Today!

By Guillermo Mazier |  Dec 09, 2013

In the sixth and final webinar of the IEDC/Atlas Advertising series on social media, Atlas CEO Ben Wright and Columbus 2020 Marketing and Communicatio...


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