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How Users Read On The Web (They Don't)

  Lucy Collins     Feb 24, 2011

Users that come to your website are not reading your content.

They are scanning it. And there is a big difference.

Long paragraphs (although full of important information that your users probably need), often are skipped over in favor of a nice, easy to digest bulleted list. For example, see how your eye wants to skip right to the bulleted list below? We don't always have all the time in the world, we need the info quick and to the point and what better way then in a nice list:

  • Keep your paragraphs short
  • Use subheads and bolding to break up content
  • Bullets are easier to digest

For more great tips on engaging users with your content, check out this article, or simply digest them in this short list:

  1. Embrace the line break
  2. Break up your content with compelling subheads
  3. Use bulleted lists
  4. Use deep captions
  5. Add highly relevant links
  6. Use strategic formatting
  7. Harness the power of numbers
  8. Check your dual readership path

Want more proof?

Read this study from Jakob Nielsen on how making your web content more scannable will increase readership by up to 124%

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Written by Lucy Collins


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