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Thoughts of the Fix-and-Flip Investor

  Guillermo Mazier     Jul 21, 2010

Interesting real estate article on fix-and-flip buyers this morning from INMAN. Check it out below:

"A significant share of cash buyers are investors, people who are buying properties not to live in but to rent out, or to fix up and sell quickly. From January through May, between 14 and 19 percent of all buyers were investors, according to figures kept by the National Association of Realtors.

Investors tend to be less emotionally invested in the homes they are buying than people who are buying homes they are going to live in, according to real estate professionals Inman News contacted. As such, these cash buyers are particularly attractive to some real estate agents.

"Cash buyers are usually investors who are more concerned with acquiring the property and not 'falling in love' with the home like primary residence buyers," said Amy Wagner, a broker associate for the Walters Team at Candlewood Realty Group in the Denver metro area. "

Read the full article.

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Written by Guillermo Mazier


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