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EDO Marketing Budgets: Boom or Bust?

By Whitney Daly |  Aug 22, 2016

EDOs have varying marketing budgets. Depending on a plethora of different things like availability of private funding, access to grants, and fundraisi...

ED Websites That Wow...But How?

By Whitney Daly |  Mar 30, 2016

What is a website? (Silly question.) What is the purpose of a website? (Most think it's just a necessity these days.) And what is the value of a websi...

Greater Williamsburg Partnership Website Launch

By Whitney Daly |  Feb 19, 2016

We love creating websites - those that showcase a community in all its glory. And we couldn't be more pleased with Greater Williamsburg Partnership's ...

The Future of Economic Development Is Online

By Jenny Lee |  Nov 19, 2015

Chances are your EDO is online.  But when it comes to your organization’s website, how would you describe it?  One that’s simply online, or one that’s...

Dear Atlas: My Website Isn’t Generating Leads. Please Help!

By Whitney Daly |  Dec 09, 2014

Websites not performing to expectations is an age-old problem, and not just in the economic developmentindustry. Things like custom website design and...


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