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The Future of Economic Development Is Online

By Jenny Lee |  Nov 19, 2015

Chances are your EDO is online.  But when it comes to your organization’s website, how would you describe it?  One that’s simply online, or one that’s...

A Guide to Unleashing Killer Content Marketing on LinkedIn

By Whitney Daly |  Mar 03, 2015

Are you already publishing content on LinkedIn? If so, what strategies are working for you, and what type of content elicits the most reaction from yo...

How Marketing Automation Works for Places

By Whitney Daly |  Dec 03, 2014

Marketing automation can be important for any organization looking to streamline operations and process flow. By utilizing marketing automation, you’l...

Why Site Selectors Won’t Open Your Emails

By Mariel DuPont |  Aug 12, 2014

Do you ever wonder why your prospects won’t open your emails? Was it something you said? Did they even receive it? And how do you know what a good ope...

A Web Marketing Checklist for Every Economic Developer

By Mariel DuPont |  Aug 12, 2014

  Are you a list person? Do you love the satisfaction you get from carefully creating a list and checking items off one by one?

Can You Improve Your Marketing Strategy in 5 Quick Steps?

By Mariel DuPont |  Jul 29, 2014

5 steps? If only improving your economic development marketing strategy was so easy. What if we said it could be?

Social Media for Economic Development Is More Important Than You Think

By Mariel DuPont |  Jun 25, 2014

Do you ever find yourself wondering if social media can really make a difference in economic development? It has transformed the way businesses reach,...

SEO for Economic Development – Are People Finding you on Google?

By Guillermo Mazier |  Jun 18, 2014

A Beginners Guide to SEO: A creative website with lots of information, images and links is only successful if the target audience visits the site. Sea...

The Atlas Search Story Through the Eyes of Google

By Guillermo Mazier |  Jun 02, 2014

Atlas Loves Google Ever wonder what people see when they look to find your organization on google? Check out this video that we made a couple of years...

A Look Back on Economic Development in 2013

By Caroline Joy |  Dec 18, 2013

Economic Development A Year in Review In two weeks, 2013 will be just another year in the history books. We will be standing on the threshold of 2014,...


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