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The Future of Economic Development Is Online

By Jenny Lee |  Nov 19, 2015

Chances are your EDO is online.  But when it comes to your organization’s website, how would you describe it?  One that’s simply online, or one that’s...

Social Media for Economic Development Is More Important Than You Think

By Mariel DuPont |  Jun 25, 2014

Do you ever find yourself wondering if social media can really make a difference in economic development? It has transformed the way businesses reach,...

Become a High Performing EDO in 2014

By Caroline Joy |  Dec 20, 2013

Atlas' Tips on for High Performance Economic Development: You have to love a new year:

8 Marketing Tips to Get Your Community Noticed Today!

By Guillermo Mazier |  Dec 09, 2013

In the sixth and final webinar of the IEDC/Atlas Advertising series on social media, Atlas CEO Ben Wright and Columbus 2020 Marketing and Communicatio...

IEDC + Atlas Webinar Series: Getting the Most from Social Media

By Guillermo Mazier |  Nov 12, 2013

The third of the six-part Social Media Web Seminar series – Using Social Media to Engage Talented Workers in the Global Economy -- took place this pas...

IEDC "Economic Development Olympics"

By Guillermo Mazier |  Sep 27, 2013

Are you attending the IEDC conference? Come to IEDC's Second Annual Economic Development Olympics! 7:30 in the Marriott hotel. Find out who will win t...

LinkedIn hits 100 million users – ready to use that to your community’s advantage?

By Guillermo Mazier |  Mar 29, 2011

In an email last week, LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman sent the email below to LinkedIn’s first million members, saying thank you. Not only were we h...

Using Social Media in Economic Development

By Guillermo Mazier |  Mar 17, 2011

Including social media in your marketing plan can take little time and allow your organization to reach your desired audience, if done correctly.

Here's To A Blog Well Done

By Lucy Collins |  Mar 09, 2011

Five reasons why Webster City Iowa's Economic Development blog is getting a shout out this month:

Suggestions For Social Media Best Practices

By Lucy Collins |  Feb 02, 2011

A great question asked on our LinkedIn group, Next Gen Economic Development Marketers: How does your organization use social media and do you have any...


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