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What is the Optimal Office Space Layout?

By Whitney Daly |  Apr 10, 2015

Office space designed to support employee productivity is all the rage these days, but research suggests some modern innovations—particularly the “ope...

Community Marketers Realizing Greater Impact from Data

By Whitney Daly |  Mar 12, 2015

Digital marketers are increasingly seeing a greater impact on their internal decision making from data. In a recent survey of 182 B2C, B2B, and agency...

Innovation Labs and Product Incubators (and Our Version of Both)

By Whitney Daly |  Feb 04, 2015

Agencies and marketing firms worldwide are implementing innovation labs and product incubators more and more, in an effort to satisfy both clients and...

How Your Board Can Help Your Community Innovate

By Whitney Daly |  Dec 15, 2014

Governing boards are often viewed as groups of older white men, oftentimes fuddy-duddy in their dress and mindset, and almost always as those who make...

How to Prepare for Economic Development Gone Mobile

By Whitney Daly |  Nov 20, 2014

Most everyone today has a smart phone or tablet, or some sort of “smart” device. As with any product or good, there’s normally a cycle of consumerism ...

Another Apple Announcement - What Does it Mean for your Organization?

By Whitney Daly |  Nov 13, 2014

Were you one of thousands, maybe millions, who, on September 19, stood in line for the latest and greatest smart phone from Apple? We’re not passing j...


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